The Classic North Cape Bus Tour

Day 1. 

Arrival to the Nordic Countries

After arriving to Sweden, either via the Oresund Bridge from Denmark, or by ferry to the south of Sweden, Gothenburg or other, we will continue to Stockholm while enjoying the beautiful Swedish scenery underways.

Overnight in Stockholm

Day 2. 


After arriving to the centre of Stockholm, the most beautiful of the Nordic Capitols, we will have the entire day to explore some of the many experiences, this magnificent city holds. Honorable mentions include The Vasa Museum, Old Town, The Royal Palace and the “Stadshuset” - known from Nobel prices and much more. In the late afternoon, we will head to our cruise-like ferry, which will take us across the water to Finland. From this ferry, you will get to witness the beauty fo the Swedish “skaergaard” as we enjoy our dinner buffet and drinks.

Overnight in outboard cabins.

Day 3.

Helsinki (Appr. 270 km)

After a sumptuous breakfast buffet onboard the ferry - and yet another breathtaking bit of sailing through the Finnish “Skaergaard” this time, we make our way into the heart of the Finnish Capitol, Helsinki.
Upon arrival, we will embark on the classic city tour including stops at the Parliament, the Cathedral, and the unique Rock Church, carved into a small mountain in the centre of the city.
In the early afternoon, we continue deeper into “the land of thousand lakes”, and will arrive in time for dinner in Jyväskylä - home of the famous Finnish architect, Alvor Aalto.

Overnight in Jyväskylä

Day 4.

The Land of the Sami (appr. 565 km)

After breakfast we continue through the winding roads through the land of thousand lakes. At the bottom of the Bothnian Bay, we enter Lapland - a completely different scenery with a more open and flat landscape and impressive views.
Just south (3 km) of the Polar Circle, we reach our destination for tonight, Rovaniemi, Capitol of the Sami People and Finnish Lapland.
The city itself is based on original plans from the aforementioned architect, Alvor Aalto, and is meant to resemble the antlers of a reindeer.
If not before - you will now be able to experience the very special light, the sun gives in this far northern part of the world, and in the summer, you will see the Midnight Sun (all hotels have blackout curtains).

Overnight in Rovaniemi

Day 5.

The Polar Circle (appr. 290 km)

On our way out of Rovaniemi, we will pass by the famous museum, Arktikum (designed by a Danish architect). Here you can see the history of the Sami people presented in the most interesting way. Just north of Rovaniemi, we will cross the Polar Circle for the first time, and we will make a stop at the centre for Santa and the Reindeer’s realm. After this brief stop, we will continue into the Finnish landscape heading north through Lapland

Overnight in Ivalo or Inari

Day 6.

Lake Inari, the Land of the Sami and the North Cape (appr. 400 km)

Today we continue past the great Lake Inari, onwards into Lapland, towards the northerns part of Norway. On our way, we will make a stop in the Norwegian Capitol of the Sami people, Karasjok. Here we will find several attractions such as the Sami Parliament, Sapmi, along with an exhibition showing the history and the culture of the Sami people in Norway.
After our stop, we continue towards the North Cape - our main destination.

Upon arrival to Magerøy, we will head to our hotel in Honningsvåg, which we will be staying at for the next two days, for dinner. After dinner, we will leave for the actual North Cape Cliff at 71’ 10’ 21’ N. We will spend the first part of our night here, exploring the visitors centre and getting all sorts ion interesting insights into the life year round at the North Cape. Then all there is left to do is to hope for clear weather, so that we may get a clear view of the Midnight Sun form the edge of the cliff, rising 210 meters directly out of the ice sea.

Overnight in Honningsvåg

Day 7.

Magerøy, Honningsvåg and Gjesvær (appr. 480 km)

Our second day at the North Cape we will have time to relax and take in the scenery. We will go for a walk through Honningsvåg, visit Gjesvær where you can choose to go on a bird safari. Here you can watch Puffins, Gannets, White-tailed Eagles and other birds on a 1.5 hour boat trip to the Gjesværstappan Nature Reserve.
On our trip, we will visit some of the local fishery, Karmøyvær and the gallery, East of the Sun.
If the weather was not with us yesterday, we will have another chance to go to the North Cape Cliff again tonight, and enjoy the Midnight Sun hovering above the water.

Overnight in Honningsvåg

Day 8.

Alta and Tromsø (appr. 580 km)

After two fantastic days in the very north of Norway, today we will be headed back south on one of our longer stretches. After breakfast, we will leave for the city of Tromsø, passing through Alta on the way. In Alta we will visit the Northern Lights Cathedral and Alta Museum with it’s famous petroglyphs. In the late afternoon, we will arrive to the Arctic Capitol of Norway and the Paris of the North, Tromsø. The city itself is an attraction with it’s iconic bridge, connecting the main land to Troms Ø (Trom’s Island). You will have time for a walk through the city and enjoy the view over the Arctic Cathedral, and if you want, visits to some of the city’s museums. Later in the night, we will visit the Arctic Cathedral for a choir performance.

Overnight in Tromsø

Day 9.

Nordland (appr. 480 km)

As we leave Tromø on our way south, we will be passing by Narvik - one of Norway’s most beautifully placed cities. Here we will make a brief stop, and we will visit the War Museum. After our visit to the museum, we continue south through stunning nature till we reach the Marble city of Faust at the end of the day.

Overnight in Fauske

Day 10.

Narrow Norway (appr. 530 km)

On today’s drive, we will again pass the boarder of the Arctic Circle, and here we will make a short stop at the local museum for the Arctic Circle. When we cross the boarder of the Arctic Circle again, we are also leaving the land of the midnight sun behind. We continue south through the narrow part of Norway and through Malmsdalen before we reach Steinkjer in the late afternoon.

Overnight in Steinkjer.

Day 11.

Trondheim (appr. 310 km)

Today we only have a short distance to another highlight of our tour, Trondheim. Here we will have a short tour around the city before we visit the impressive Nidaros Dom, the largest middle age building in Scandinavia - for sure a memorable sight.
In the afternoon we continue over the rough Dovrefjell before we drive into Guldbrandsdalen.

Overnight in Dombås

Day 12.

Lillehammer and Oslo (appr. 325 km)

On our way down to the last major highlight on our trip, we will drive past Ringebu Stavkirke before we drive through the former host of the 1992 Winer Olympics, Lillehammer, where we will make another stop at Maihaugen - the largest open air museum.
We will arrive in Oslo, the capitol of Norway in the late afternoon. Here we will go on a short sight seeing tour of the city before we check in to our hotel.

Overnight in Oslo

Day 13.

Oslo (appr. 290 km)

After breakfast we will take yet another fantastic tour of Oslo, where w will visit "Homlenkollen" and enjoy the view from there.

We can also visit Vigelandsparken, the famous museum, Fornebu, and of course the famous street, Karl Johan with the royal castle at the end.

After lunch, we continue down towards Gothenburg in Sweden

Overnight in Gothenburg

Day 14.

Departure Home

After breakfast, departure at your leisure